Papeless Document Management System

Organize and secure your documents

Quick search

Find everything uploaded or shared in your user account. You can search documents not only by file name and metadata but also by the contents of the document.

Document indexing

Index templates let you add tags, dates, and other information for better document organization. You can create index templates as much as needed.

Approval workflow

Invite people to approve your documents. Improve internal communication and operation with ease of access to critical documents.

Better collaboration

Access your documents anywhere

Share folders and documents across groups and users. Papeless empowers you to reach users within the organization without compromising security.

More features on Papeless DMS

Version control

Manage multiple document versions and keep the current version of the file. Papeless lets you recover old files in just one click.

Document retention

Keep your documents compliant with privacy rules and regulations, company policies, and legal requirements.

Barcode generation

Create a barcode for every document uploaded in Papeless without using 3rd party application for ease of use.

Audit trail

Maintain compliance with comprehensive report creation of system audit, document activity, and user statistics logs.

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